The Blue Room

Madeleine Peyroux

Released 8th April 2013

THE BLUE ROOM sees Madeleine reinterpreting songs from Ray Charles' MODERN SOUNDS IN COUNTRY & WESTERN MUSIC.

Each of the 11 tracks on the album sets a tone and mood that respects where the originals came from, but offers a modern reinterpretation of each song. Truly an inspired record, THE BLUE ROOM features five other tracks that Madeleine felt could accompany Charles' seminal album.

Reexamining this album is an ideal project for the multi-talented Madeleine Peyroux, because she comes from that same rare place as Ray Charles - the junction of jazz, country and blues. The Brooklyn and Paris-bred artist, with a New Orleans pedigree, Peyroux's soulfully piercing voice and eclectic musical mix makes for magnificent story-telling.

And that is exactly what each of the songs on THE BLUE ROOM does - tell a story - but from her own perspective. Infusing her own vision and reinterpretation of the songs with modern sensibility, Peyroux brings elements of jazz, country and blues into each song, while evoking a depth of emotion and sound of such legends as Billie Holiday, Patsy Cline, Édith Piaf, and Bob Dylan.

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