Released 8th August 2011

Mary-Jess made front page news for being the British student who won a Chinese equivalent of The X Factor in 2010, voted the winner by an audience of 70 million. Her debut album, Shine, introduces the voice from the West with a sound for the East with a dreamlike sound-world conjured up by top producer Ross Cullum (the man behind hit albums by artists such as Tori Amos and Enya). Mary-Jess’ contest-winning song is, of course, included: "Yue Guang Ai Ren (A Love For All Time)", from the film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, complete with chorus in Mandarin. Also features "An Angel Walking" (Michael Nyman’s haunting folk-theme from The Piano), and the self-penned "Stand As One" and "My Own Sunrise".


  1. Are You The Way Home?
  2. Glorious
  3. Lighthouse Of Mine
  4. Rising From The Fire
  5. Beautiful Force
  6. Everything Can Wait
  7. Stand As One
  8. Yue Guang Ai Ren (A Love Before Time)
  9. My Own Sunrise
  10. An Angel Walking
  11. Burning Love
  12. Heaven Is Empty

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