Reach For The Skies

RAF Central Band

Reach For The Skies

Released 27th August 2010

Commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain and the 90th anniversary of the band itself, Reach For The Skies will include RAF related classics such as Dambusters March, Spitfire Prelude, 633 Squadron, the Battle of Britain March and Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines, as well as featuring the atmospheric sound of Spitfires flying overhead. The album is dedicated to all those who took part in the Battle of Britain and fought for their country, from the pilots to the radar operators, engineers and plotters. "Just like all the men and women of the commonwealth nations and our allies did during the Battle of Britain, today's men and women of the Royal Air Force show the same bravery and sacrifice throughout the world to ensure the freedom of others. If through our music we can help keep the tradition and spirit of the Battle of Britain alive, then we will have done a good job." - Wing Commander Stubbs


  1. Battle Of Britain March
  2. Fanfare For The Common Man
  3. 633 Squadron
  4. Raf March Past
  5. Lawrence Of Arabia
  6. It'S A Long Way To Go
  7. The Dambusters March
  8. Winston Churchill: Their Finest Hour (Jerusalem)
  9. Reach For The Sky
  10. Danny Boy
  11. Pomp And Circumstance
  12. Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines
  13. Spitfire Prelude
  14. Wind Beneath My Wings Featuring Kerry Ellis
  15. Evening Hymn And Sunset
  16. Winston Churchill: Never In The Field Of Human Conflict (The Day Thou Gavest)

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