Light And Gold

Eric Whitacre

Released 18th October 2010

Light and Gold is the first in a stunning collection of Eric Whitacre’s choral works conducted for the first time by Eric himself and performed by The Eric Whitacre Singers, Laudibus and friends.


  1. Lux Aurumque
  2. Five Hebrew Love Songs: Temuná (A Picture)
  3. Five Hebrew Love Songs: Kalá Kallá (Light Bride)
  4. Five Hebrew Love Songs: Lárov (Mostly)
  5. Five Hebrew Love Songs: Éyze Shéleg! (What Snow!)
  6. Five Hebrew Love Songs: Rakút (Tenderness)
  7. The Seal Lullaby
  8. A Boy And A Girl
  9. Leonardo Dreams Of His Flying Machine
  10. Three Songs Of Faith: I Will Wade Out
  11. Three Songs Of Faith: Hope Faith Life Love
  12. Three Songs Of Faith: I Thank You God For Most This Amazing Day
  13. The Stolen Child
  14. Water Night
  15. Nox Aurumque
  16. Sleep

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