In Memory Of Loss

Nathaniel Rateliff

Released 7th March 2011

The first things you notice about 'In Memory of Loss' are the voice and the space. That voice belongs to Nathaniel Rateliff, a man who's earned the twang and hard-knock weariness that shines through on the album. The space comes courtesy of producer Brian Deck (Califone, Iron & Wine, Modest Mouse), who helped transform 8-track bedroom demos into miniature epics of contrast, beauty, and yearning. On these fourteen tracks which bristle with soulful minimalism, hints of the music he grew up on - Van Morrison, Muddy Waters, the Beatles - shine through. Yet Rateliff is also at home in what may be called, for lack of a better term, the neo-folk revival. His voice is so confident that you can occasionally imagine the music dropping out entirely, leaving a song propelled solely by Rateliff’s a capella strengths. Rateliff recorded the album with help from longtime collaborators Julie Davis (bass, vocals), James Han (piano) and Joseph Pope III (guitar, vocals).


  1. Once In A Great While
  2. Early Spring Till
  3. We Never Win
  4. Brakeman
  5. Longing And Losing
  6. Oil And Lavender
  7. Shroud
  8. You Should've Seen The Other Guy
  9. Whimper And Wail
  10. Boil And Fight
  11. When We Could
  12. A Lamb On The Stone
  13. When You're Here
  14. Happy Just To Be
  15. You Make All The Noise
  16. Pounds And Pounds

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