In a Time Lapse

Ludovico Einaudi

Released 21st January 2013

Einaudi is known the world over through films and TV. His music has featured in titles including Black Swan, Doctor Zhivago, This is England and many more. In 2011 his track I Giorni was played on Radio 1 and appeared in the top 40 chart. His haunting melodies are transportive and timeless in their beauty. Recorded in a remote monastery near Verona and written over a period of 2 years, In A Time Lapse is a representation of the bringing together all of life's experiences and emotions into a single moment of time. Featuring the tracks Life, Burning, Waterways and Experience.


  1. Corale
  2. Time Lapse
  3. Life
  4. Walk
  5. Discovery At Night
  6. Run
  7. Brothers
  8. Orbits
  9. Two Trees
  10. Newton's Cradle
  11. Waterways
  12. Experience
  13. Underwood
  14. Burning

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