Joe McElderry

Released 22nd August 2011

Joe McElderry, who was dropped from Simon Cowell’s label after his debut album was met with disappointing sales, has inked a deal with Decca/Universal and releases his new album, 'Classic'.

'Classic' is a mix of popular “classic” songs and includes his X Factor audition song “Dance With My Father” and “Nessun Dorma”.


  1. Canto Della Terra
  2. She Was Beautiful-Feat. Milos
  3. Over The Rainbow
  4. I Dreamed A Dream
  5. Time To Say Goodbye
  6. Il Mio Cuore (My Heart Will Go On)
  7. Hear My Prayer (Nessun Dorma)
  8. Solitaire
  9. Dance With My Father
  10. Va Pensiero
  11. To Where You Are
  12. Nessun Dorma [Original Italian Version]

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