The Chieftians featuring Ry Cooder

15th April 2010
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SAN PATRICIO is the much-anticipated new collaboration between Ry Cooder (whose glittering career includes such milestones as Buena Vista Social Club and Paris, Texas) and the legendary Irish band The Chieftains.

The record takes as its inspiration the story of a group of 19th Century Irish immigrants to the USA, who were conscripted into the US army, in their war against Mexico. The men of the San Patricio brigade defected to the enemy side and fought with their fellow Catholics against the American army, before meeting a tragic end when the war was lost. The music which this meeting of cultures created can be heard to this day in Mexico, and San Patricio brings new focus to this amazing story.

Guest stars on this record include Ry Cooder, Liam Neeson, Linda Ronstadt and Mexican musicians Carlos Nunez, Lila Downs and Los Cenzontles. The music is a perfect fusion of the sounds of Ireland with the sounds of Mexico and the Southern USA (which can be found to this day in certain Mexican cities). The energy and the joy of discovery can be heard on every track where the musicians collaborate.

This record will receive its European premiere at Celtic Connections (Glasgow) in January 2010, to be followed by a UK tour in Summer 2010. The concert will be widely publicised, and Ry Cooder & The Chieftains will conduct media interviews throughout the build up to the March release. A documentary is in preparation which tells the story of the San Patricio Brigades, and the making of this incredible record.

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