Original Verve Master Tracks

11th June 2010
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“You have to live with my tunes. When I sing a song it’s got to mean something to me, something I’ve had to live. Otherwise I can’t sing.” Billie Holiday (rehearsal, 1955)

Containing all the original Verve master takes, this Billie Holiday boxset is the most complete account of Billie Holiday’s Verve output ever.  Norman Granz signed Holiday in 1952, rescuing her from the efforts of the Decca label to make her jam-session art fit into a “pop” format, with masses of strings and sometimes tired horn arrangements.

Though now and then marred by Granz’s willingness to market Holiday as a woman in trouble – one can feel it in the songs he brought to her and in the packaging of the albums – these records are nonetheless among the most beautiful ever made.

Spanning the years from 1952 to 1959, this captures Billie at her fragile and powerful best. This 6 CD set comes beautifully packaged in a metal tin (14cm X 15.5cm) with book and extensive liner notes and it features many rare photographs. A lush, and must have, box set of 2005 and for many years to come!

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