Nanci Griffith makes triumphant return

24th October 2012
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The Grammy Award-winning, genre defying artist Nanci Griffith is at the top of her game as a songwriter, interpreter and singer on her nineteenth studio recording and first album of new material since 2005.

With a recording and touring history that stretches back more than two decades, Griffith has established her own unique “brand.” However her signature music is much more about art than commerce, which is why her fan base has remained incredibly loyal.  Her fans include contemporaries and legendary songwriters such as Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, and Emmy Lou Harris, all of whom have either recorded her songs or insisted she record theirs.

‘The Loving Kind’ features thirteen tracks; four carefully chosen covers and nine songs written by Griffith and her collaborators. Griffith perfectly demonstrates her ability to explore both contemporary world issues as well as matters of the heart through her song writing and captures many of the ongoing and intriguing complexities of life on this album.  Produced by Pat McInerney and Thomm Jutz,
‘The Loving Kind’ marks a triumphant return for one of America’s most revered singer-songwriters.

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