10th October 2013

Last week I had the pleasure of supporting THE NOISETTES on tour. They were doing shows in Belgium and Holland, and were very proud to tell their audiences: “we’re back”!

The were awesome all round, even better live than I ever expected. Their album “contact” from 2012 has so many good songs, what a talent Dan and Shingai are as songwriters! Personal favorites were “Ragtop car” and “Travelling light” with the harmonies from all musicians in the band involved. Toby (drums), Tim (keys) and Naz (bass) all on form as always!

I had the pleasure to open up in acoustic format, and though Belgium and Dutch audiences have a reputation of sometimes being tricky, I did not feel that at all, crowds were great and the feedback was really welcoming. That’s why I plan to go back in late November, to share the love some more, with acoustic shows in Belgium and HOlland once again!

I look forward to seeing the guys soon, wether or the road for tour-bus shenanigans, or wherever our paths might meet again soon! I thank them for having me, and Sjaak at “Go Entertainment” in Holland for putting the whole thing together!

For fans in Europe, I look forward to seeing you on the road very soon, and details will be given very soon so WATCH THIS SPACE!

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