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20th September 2011

The Oscar Peterson Folio

It is a pleasure to share news of renowned Canadian photographer Al Gilbert’s decision to produce a Limited Edition Folio of eight of his revealing portraits of Oscar Peterson. Mr. Peterson met Mr. Gilbert in 1950 and the photo of that first meeting is included in this Folio. During the next forty-seven years Mr. Gilbert captured Oscar Peterson on film many times, and seven more of those portraits are included in this set.

There was a reception in June, 2011 to introduce the Folio. Pictures from that occasion can be found here.

Kelly Peterson includes the following statement with each Folio:

        It gives me great pleasure to present this Folio of Al Gilbert’s portraits of my late husband, Dr. Oscar E. Peterson, C.C. During the course of nearly fifty years Mr. Gilbert took some wonderful photographs, capturing Oscar at various stages in his life and career. When Mr. Gilbert showed me the photos he intended to print for this special Folio I was immediately deeply moved. How wonderful it is to see the portraits and remember — Oscar’s smile, his graceful hands, his absolute ease at the piano and the joy he radiated always.
       This special, limited edition set of eight of those portraits is a treasure in many ways. It is a testament to the memory of Oscar Peterson and his legacy. It is a testament to the legacy of one of Canada’s finest photographic artists, Mr. Al Gilbert. It is also a testament to historical film processing, as these archival prints will long outlast us, preserving these legacies for future generations. I am so pleased that Mr. Gilbert chose to produce this fine Folio. It is my hope that collectors and admirers of both artists will cherish this collection, as I will.

This Folio is created in a limited edition of 33. For more information regarding the Folio, and for purchasing information, please visit Mr. Gilbert’s website:


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