In Your Hands: Phoenix, AZ May 26

27th May 2012

We had such an amazing time in Phoenix last night! Even the lawn was packed and everyone was on their feet all night long. We had a few left over tickets in the Sugarpit, so we upgraded some of the fine folks from the lawn. The crowd was filled with bright colors and cowboy hats.

Some of the signs really caught our eye. Jennifer pointed out a girl in the crowd whose sign said this was her first concert. She was only eight years old. Another sign read: “Jennifer for President!” Jennifer laughed and said, “Maybe president of a wine club!”

Kylie McBride from Arizona was pulled on stage to create a musical loop during “Everyday America.” Then J Rome, one of Jennifer’s contestants on ABC’s Duets, joined Jennifer in singing “Tonight” as a duet. During the song, Jennifer suggested they “turn the duet into a choir” and asked everyone to join in.

Everyone was really into the show, and when John took the mic everyone started swaying back and forth. During “Love,” Kristian held up a handmade flag with LOVE written on it and joined the crowd in swaying to the beat.

Sing with Sugarland winner, Mary Hoffman did an amazing job singing “Baby Girl.” She was so excited and told the crowd that it was a great experience getting to watch from backstage and listening to the crowd with in-ears. Mary even had fans in the crowd that made signs for her! It was a lot of fun and Mary did an awesome job representing Arizona. Watch her Sing with Sugarland audition video here.

Overall, it was one crazy night and one we’ll never forget. We love you Phoenix!


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