BBC to screen ‘Police in the East’ documentary June 3/4…

30th May 2011

‘Police in the East’, a documentary-style film of the Police’s tour of Japan, Hong Kong, India, Egypt and Greece in 1980 is to be screened by the BBC at 10pm on the evening of June 3, (repeated early hours June 4). This is the first broadcast of the documentary since the mid-1980s and although much of the footage was released on the ‘Police Around The World’ video, there are some significant differences that make this documentary well worth catching.

The show is being screened as part of an evening devoted to long-serving and eclectic Radio 1 broadcaster, Annie Nightingale. In the documentary Anne accompanies the band and interviews its members during the tour. Includes concert footage and behind-the-scenes sequences of the band.

Check out the following article about that Police Tour which appeared in Annie’s book Chase The Fade.

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