Branford Marsalis Quartet
No other word so aptly or completely captures the essence of that quality which leads one to truly great art. That this colloquialism should be applied to Branford Marsalis and his quartet is certainly no surprise. Despite, or perhaps because of, their long tenure together, this remarkable ensemble of world-class artists is just as fresh and innovative as it was ten years ago when they first took the stage as the Branford Marsalis Quartet.

Their relentless pursuit of new and innovative ideas has led to some of the most widely acclaimed jazz recordings in recent years, including their previous discs Grammy-nominated Braggtown and Eternal and the Quartet's own take on Coltrane's 'A Love Supreme' Live in Amsterdam, and their most recent recording is no exception.

Marsalis himself has long been described as a man of numerous musical interests. The three-time Grammy winner has continued to exercise and expand his skills as an instrumentalist, a composer, and the head of Marsalis Music, the label he founded in 2002 that has allowed him to produce both his own projects and those of the jazz world's most promising new and established artists. His prodigious colleagues have also continued their own pursuits and can lay claim to numerous recordings as leaders in their own right. The ensemble, too, has branched out in interesting and diverse ways having recently recorded a piece for quartet and orchestra composed by Ned Rorem and recorded with the North Carolina Symphony.